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{September 8, 2009}   This is gittin’ ridikyalus.

I called the pharmacy today, at approximately 1pm to get my refills. Now, maybe I’m the odd one out, but don’t most people call their scripts in when they’re out of their meds, or close? Well. I drove by the pharmacy after work to pick them up, thinking that 2 hours should be plenty of time to get these together. Yeah, not so much. I drove up to the window, gave my name, date of birth, signed in blood, you know, the usual, and then the Kid behind the counter tells me that they weren’t able to fill my prescriptions because they didn’t have the quantity needed on hand. Oh, ok. Wait a minute, what?? I don’t get it.How do you run out of prenatal vitamins and wellbutrin? They’re like some of the most common drugs on the market? Don’t you have an inventory system that once the computer sees you get down past so many, it’s automatically re-ordered? Whatever, they can’t help what the company dealt them in archaic equipment and software, right? But then I had to ask the kid (couldn’t have been more than 18) umm, can you loan me some till your truck comes through? It’s really bad for a hormonal, chemically imbalanced fireball of a girl to go without her meds. This is likened to what happens the week before your period, when you begin to form sketchy plans about holding the whole place hostage and going down in a blaze of glory. I mean, seriously. Then he takes forever trying to stop the pharmacist long enough to explain the problem. I then got loaned 5 pills. Now, I take 2 a day. What the hell am I gonna do with 5 pills? And just what am I supposed to do without my PNV’s? I swear, between me being drained of energy all the time from having to think for everyone else, and being forced to snort cleaning chemicals or catch the Ebola virus from my bathroom, my poor child’s gonna be wondering what happened to his mother soon, and why is she singing to herself about a good ship Lollipop?

Oh, and Happy Ex-Anniversary, Mom and Dad. He’s probably still hunting. (This is an inside joke in my family. Dad went hunting on his and Mom’s 2nd anniversary and completely forgot about the day he got married. We’ve never let him forget it.)


CityGirl says:

Ah, YEAH. The pharmacy should have AUTOMATICALLY filled what they had and given you an IOU for the rest. My drug dealer has done that, like, 9 times in the last 15 years.


Nina says:

I want to change pharmacies soooo badly, but it’s just so convenient cause it’s right there in the store where I buy my groceries. *sigh* Maybe I should just call and complain to their manager, but I don’t know that he’s not part of the problem. I mean, hell, I’ve had to correct the pharmacist before. What’s the deal?

g says:

Totally off point, but you have drive through pharmacies?




Nina says:

Yep. We are all about not having to do any physical activity at all. That’s why we are the fattest nation on the planet. But hey, diabetes is good right?

Kristin says:

CityGirl is right. The proper response was “I’m sorry. We were only able to give you x out of the y pills you ordered. The rest will be available on this date and, btw, here is a store coupon for your difficulty.” Go to the manager and copy the letter to the corporate pharmacist/boss.

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