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{September 10, 2009}   The Drug Dealers

Yeah. I went back tonight, you know, to get my dope, and they STILL didn’t have it!! Well, I take that back, they did fill my wellbutrin rx. But now they’re saying that my PNV rx won’t be here till tomorrow!! Are you serious? I showed out. Not bad, but there’s really no excuse for them not having it. Where else does it take 3 days to fill a prescription? No answers? I thought not. That’s because this doesn’t happen in other places!! It’s so convenient, but there’s no reason I can’t go to the CVS in the same parking lot. I think I’m gonna change soon. I’m beginning to get concerned that these people are that stupid. I started to rant about how irritating this was, I’d called with a 2.5 hr notice on Tuesday (which is more than enough time anywhere else), I came back today, and ya know, I can take an extra 800mcg of folic acid to cover the PNV for a couple of days, but I can’t very well mix up the wellbutrin at the house. I told them they really didn’t want a hormonal, chemically imbalanced pregnant girl running around sans meds. This made them laugh, but dammit, will I see any improvement? Not likely. I was a real bitch and pointed out the kid that told me the stuff was gonna be here today, but I doubt anything will get done about it. *sigh*

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