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{September 15, 2009}   Cinderelli, Cinderelli!

Shhhhh!!! My little magical mice are painting the baby’s room right now! My colors are ‘Bibbity Bobbity Blue’, and ‘Blustery Day’. Blustery Day is almost white, it’s so light blue, and the YCU had the idea for stripes on the wall. I don’t care, it’s just pretty. ‘Bibbity Bobbity Blue’ is somewhat self-explanatory, I hope. Now all I need is a fairy godmother to generously endow me with money upon her death. Unfortunately for my wallet, I don’t know anyone at death’s door. Oh, well. Usually, I’d rather have the person around anyway. I unloaded the car today, and will start going through it all probably this weekend. Assuming I don’t take call this weekend, anyway. Some friends cleaned out their attic, and gave me boxes and boxes of baby clothes and paraphernalia. I dreamed about what he’d look like last night. May not even be close, but I saw him with my face and that towhead blonde hair. My husband was blonde as a child. He also had rosy cheeks like a doll in a store! Total Gerber material.


Kristin says:

Are we going to get to see pictures of the finished nursery?

Have fun going through all the goodies.

Nina says:

Of course! Who do you think runs this blog? 😉 It’s already looking pretty. He’s gonna do the stripes tomorrow night, he says. I can’t wait!

rosesdaughter says:

at least your painting is going faster than mine did!

becomingwhole says:

Wow, he does stripes? I’m impressed!

Nina says:

Oh, yes, he’s very talented, he’s just a tad bit on the l___ side when it comes to home projects. Bless him.

cantabile says:

Aw, Cinderelli… that was my favorite Disney song as a kid.

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