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{September 16, 2009}   My husband is a magician!!

I’m sooooo proud of him! It’s gorgeous!!! I squealed. He was a slow starter, but he totally blew me away! This is why I love this man.

becomingwhole says:

I think he is a magician…I am very, very impressed.

Kristin says:

Ooooooh, it is gorgeous!

Nina says:

Y’all, he did that in 1.5 days. Want to rent him for a week? 😉

g says:

That’s a lot more than we’ve done with the twins room and they’re over one.



Nina says:

You had bedrest and a husband on call for the duration of your pregnancy, then once they got here, you certainly haven’t had time! You’ve been quite inspirational to me, cause I figure if you can do it with two, I can do it with one!

So pretty!!!!
I’m jealous, you have a swing!!!

Nina says:

That was the swing that was given to me a couple of months ago! I still can’t believe the lady just handed it over. It works perfectly and everything.

CityGirl says:

Aw! Very nice! This makes up for The Great Tattoo at Dining Room Table Incident. Almost. ::smile::

Nina says:

Almost is right! I think he’s finally grown out of that kind of dumb stuff, but I’m not holding my breath.

Hootie says:

Very pretty room, and usable right through when the boy gets a Spiderman fixation. I’ve got a brother-in-law who’s 50 and he STILL is fixated on Spiderman. Nice to see “Tigger” on the dresser, too.

Nina says:

You think he’d settle for one of those “Fathead” Spidermen? Or Transformers? That way, we can just peel it off the wall and not have to ruin my pretty room, see.

Low Fat Lady says:

It looks so beautiful! congrats!


Nina says:

Thank you! I wholeheartedly agree!

Jennifer says:

Absolutely gorgeous room! Very nicely done 🙂

stb says:

The nursery is gorgeous! I am not brave enough to (a) do stripes, and (b) let my husband do stripes so our is boring light blue…

Your husband did a great job!


April says:

Beautiful nursery! I love it.


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