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{September 21, 2009}   Just now…

the Ex-Bitch and his mother are blowing up his phone. It kills me that it makes me so nervous my adrenaline kicks in. They’re probably sitting at the MIL’s house right now scheming. What the hell makes them think we’d want to talk to her (Ex-Bitch) now that we have no reason to? We’ve been doing the happy dance that we’d never see/hear from her again. I told my husband to send his mother an e-mail telling her to lose his number, and to pass on the message. She’s probably figured out that she can’t afford to pay child support to my MIL and still feed her fat ass, so now she’s consented (most graciously) to accept him (my stepson) back, because he’s a cash cow and her other little yard child has a daddy that’s broke because he’s disabled and won’t work. Piece of shit. Sorry, did my prejudices come out right then? I would never deny anyone who truly needed help, but he’s got two arms and two legs and ten fingers and toes. He could find something to do. He’s not mentally challenged, he’s depressed. And they make medication for that, last time I checked. But I digress.
And another thing. Why is it that coupons only come in the mail when you need something but can’t afford it? That sooo gets on my nerves, but I’ll admit to being just the teensiest bit agitated at the moment. It always seems that whenever we’re broke, there’s a sale on stuff we need, and we can’t even afford the sale price! AAaaaaargh!

rosesdaughter says:

why is there always drama for us pregnant girls???

g says:

Ack. I am sorry.


Nina says:

I don’t know why there’s always drama, but I really wish my life was boring about now.

Oy vey.

Thanks for the comment. Actually I’m 4’11”, so 100lbs is just the perfect weight for someone of my size. 🙂 It’s the equivalent of someone who is 5’5″ being 125lbs.

Rain says:

Family drama! I go through things like that too…I want my life to be boring! Happy ICLW week. I hope your day looks up.

becomingwhole says:

Another word for boring is peaceful. I myself like the boring. Here’s hoping you get some soon.

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