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{September 21, 2009}   She’ll be coming ’round Tide Mountain when she comes….

she’ll be coming ’round Tide Mountain when she comes, she’ll be washing ’round the mountain, she’ll be washing ’round the mountain, she’ll be …..Can you guess what I’m doing today? Anyway. You’ll never guess, so I’ll just tell you. Laundry. Soo fun. Anyway. My aunts and Dad’s new one are planning me a baby shower for next month. Awesome, I say. Dad keeps calling me and urging me to register at Target. I’ve already registered at Babies R Expensive. (This is Dad’s way of hinting that BRE is too expensive in his opinion, and he’s not going there, and he just doesn’t think anyone else will either.) So I did. And I waited. Now, I’ve heard neither hyde nor hair of when I’m supposed to show up or what I’m supposed to wear, so I call Dad, and he doesn’t even know. I’m like, “Dad. It would be really bad if everyone showed up but the honoree, don’t you think?” Yeah, we’ll have to see what’s going on, is his response. Finally, I get a call from my aunt asking if there was anyone (besides family) that I wanted to get an invite since they may not be invited to other showers. I gave her a couple of names, and she tried to get off the phone! I had to ask where and when and everything. How funny. They seem to have forgotten that my dad has been fired as the official information disperser in the family due to his complete lack of ability to do so. He forgot to tell my sister that Grandmama was having her birthday party last February. I have to call him the day before holidays to make sure no one has a party scheduled, or I might get left out the next time! I found out a week later that my cousin had had her baby. Stuff like that that he just doesn’t think about, or is important, I guess. Men. Can’t live with ’em, and you can’t kill ’em, I guess.


becomingwhole says:

That’s what they keep telling me…you can’t kill ’em. Pity.

Hootie says:

And again(!) we ask ourselves, why are we not running everything? Why are men in charge of ANYTHING?

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