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{September 22, 2009}   Had my gtt today.

I had to drink the triaminic tasting stuff and get my blood drawn. The nurse asked me if I felt any different, shaky or whatever. I just felt hungry, which is nothing new. I’ll find out the results by Friday or Monday, but she said if I didn’t feel any different, I’d probably be fine. Fletcher was rolling all over the place. Dr M. listened to his FHR, measured my belly, and told me to come back in 3 weeks. Nothing exciting to report, I suppose. Oh, and about the EB (see previous post). She eventually quit calling. It apparently wasn’t that important. (Which we knew all along.) She just likes to try to make him jump through hoops. No more. We’re done. It’s creepy how her demeanor changes when she gets in his presence. It’s the most simpering, sweet mess you’ve ever seen. I think she’s under some delusions of grandeur that she can get him back somehow. Whatever. He rolls his eyes a lot. She tried to pick a fight one night and say that I was threatened by her. Huh. Wow. Some people have some crazy ideas going on. Because it totally my goal on career day to be 400lbs, have a louse of a boyfriend that won’t work, a dead-end job, no money, a piece of shit apartment (with not a pot to piss in), and two children by different men who didn’t (don’t) care enough about me to marry or respect me, I was just easy and available. Yep, I’m in. Where do I sign up? Told ya, she’s crazy. I probably sound like a total bitch, but trust me, if you ever met her, you’d say the same thing. I’m just glad we’re done with her. Of course, the trade off is having to deal with my MIL. The fact that I’m looking at that as a bright spot should tell you how awful the whole situation is with these people. I asked my husband once how in the hell he ever got hooked up with her, but I get the feeling that he didn’t know any better as a kid. He was just along for the *ahem* ride and jumped off when his better judgment got hold of him. He told me he was looking forward to raising our son, as he didn’t get the opportunity with his 1st one. I told him that he’d tried, he just picked the wrong girl. It happens.


becomingwhole says:

Glad that’s over for now.

Personally, I kind of like your evil twin. I think we could hang out.

Lynn says:

Glad your appointment went well and that the EB (hehe) has quit pestering you. Long may that continue!


Kristin says:

We could all hang out together because I think her evil twin rocks.

Lorza says:

I hope the GTT goes well. I like your evil twin also…..I think we could have some fun and kick some asses! 🙂

Nina says:

Well, in all honesty, we might just end up in the pokey too. It’d be awfully embarrassing to have to call my husband and tell him I’m in the big house cause of my mouth. It’s a trade-off, I suppose. It’d make a great story for my grandchildren about how I ended up on the news one night with a bunch of other women egging me on!

I don’t even know you, but if your evil twin is like this I’ll stick to her 🙂
Great post, I cracked up reading about the ex. I’m sure your feel threatened by all THAT.

Happy ICLW!

jaymee says:

glad you had a boring appointment with nothing to report, those are the best kind! so sorry that you are dealing with EB and MIL, that just plain sucks! though, i can’t believe that you did not sign up for that dream life on career day, sounds so much better than a normal healthy life!


Lisa RM says:

Yay about boring appointments, and EB stopping for a bit.

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