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{September 28, 2009}   I’m so tired of being berated for following the rules.

I was on call yesterday, and the same doc that hollered at me twice a couple of weekends ago did it again. Only this time, I was berated for “pulling my typical Nina crap” (his exact words) “and lecturing me about the rules.” I was presenting a professional issue to the anesthesiologist because this surgeon was unhappy with the service he was providing. I tried to give him the anesthesiologist’s phone number so that they could discuss it (and leave me out of it altogether)multiple times, and he refused. So I told the anesthesiologist what he said and why he was unhappy, because the problem still existed, whether he decided to address it with the appropriate person or not. Dr V then called me and was LIVID because I’d told the anes. what he’d said. The whole thing started because the anes. didn’t call in a second call team to take care of Dr V’s patients at his convenience, when they’re supposed to be reserved for emergencies. Well, and because I exposed him for the little girl he was. It’s not my place to argue with anesthesia on the surgeon’s behalf. If the surgeon has a problem with the anesthesiologist’s service, I no longer have a dog in the fight, because he should be professional and discuss it himself. I didn’t lecture him, I just told him that I wasn’t the appropriate person to address his concerns to. So then my boss gets involved, and the anesthesiologist defended me (luckily), and my job is not in jeopardy, but now Dr V wants to sit down with the 2 of us. Yay. That should be interesting. Yesterday, when we were finally able to do his case, he actually ran into me and didn’t even say excuse me. Wouldn’t speak to me. No loss, really, but basic manners and professionalism shouldn’t disappear just because he’s pouting. Whatever. I just think it’s being blatantly demonstrated that the rules that we’re supposed to follow aren’t being communicated to the docs, and the administration is leaving it up to the employees to take the brunt of the anger and frustration. I just figure if I follow the rules, it’s one less thing for them to find to fire me over, ya know? I don’t know, but maybe I’m the only one who’s been scared straight. Someone told me the other day that if there was an “overacheiver to following the rules” it was me. Yep. That’s me. Lil’ Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. *sigh*

Oh, and everyone needs to go check out Geohde’s site at It’s on my sidebar. Her girls are never boring!


rosesdaughter says:

If you are following the rules, when something goes wrong, they can’t fire you for it!

Nina says:

Even in a right to work state? I’m not sure it matters. They’re on a witch hunt. I’m just trying to keep my head down, ya know?

Quiet Dreams says:

What an asshole. You keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Nina baby. Assholes will be assholes.

Lorza says:

AARRRRGH. I hate medical politics. THIS is one huse reason I loved travel nursing. Keep up keeping your head down girl. Seeems like you are trying to.

g says:

It always strikes me that for places presumably full of reasonably intelligent adults, hospitals sure do generate a lot of workplace drama. All of em.

Sorry you got in the middle.


Nina says:

I know!! I’ve always felt that way! How do people with so much money and (presumably) class develop these horrid personalities? I’m assuming the personalities developed later because if they’d had them before they achieved their status, how would they have ever gotten where they are?

Kristin says:

That doc is a total asshole. I might think of filing a report about his treatment of you.

Nina says:

I have. I think they’re building a case against him to go to anger management a.k.a. nice school, cause he’s like this with everyone.

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