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{September 30, 2009}   You’ve got a viable baby in there!

Yes, I do. This was said to me today when I answered the “how far along are you now?” question. I honestly hadn’t really thought about it. I’ve been going day by day and hour by hour feeling him move and reassuring myself. But you know? That was a really good feeling to realize his viability.

In other news, I wrote up the asshole doctor today. I sent it to all the management and administrators, and they said that it was forwarded to the medical director. They say he gets things done. We’ll see. I spoke with the anesthesiologist and my boss today as well. My boss reassured me that no one thinks it’s me, and that I’ve had witnesses each time, and that I’ve just had a really bad few weeks. I told her how I felt about how things were being explained and reinforced to the surgeons (or lack thereof) and she told me that she’s requesting the medical director’s help in having the surgeons and other docs discuss things betwixt themselves, and leave us out of it until they come to a consensus. I thought that was just an automatic professional courtesy between MD’s. Apparently not. I’m just glad to be done with it. And hey, I managed to get through a whole day without anyone yelling at me. I’m considering that an accomplishment.

Enna says:

Good for you for writing him up!

Quiet Dreams says:

As you said elsewhere, hope that karma bites him in the ass (or something like that).

Glad you wrote him up. I don’t know why surgeons seem to think that it’s ok to yell and throw things. THey are always so surprised when we mere nurses dare to disagree and write them up.

YAY for 28 weeks!!

Kristin says:

Good for you for standing up for yourself and writing him up.

Realizing you have hit that magical viability point is wonderful!

May says:

Wow, are you that far along? Time is FLYING.

Good luck with that there annoying doctor. Kudos for not letting him get away with all this rubbish. And to a pregnant woman! No manners at all!

Nina says:

Manners in America are going the way of the Dodo. People are disrespectful and don’t even know it. I constantly have to correct my husband’s friends. Irritating as hell.

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