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{October 4, 2009}   I’m firing my mother.

She forgot to tell me about the family gathering they were having up at the old family homeplace on Saturday. Never heard hyde nor hair of it. Found out about it from my brother that evening at the other grandparent’s annual chili supper and hayride. (No, I didn’t go on the hayride. It was cold, and I was tired.) So, since I’ve been forgotten, I missed one of my favorite aunts from Ohio, and missed getting to show everyone my ever-expanding bump. So, my mother is fired. 😉

Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you! I think I might have had my 1st BH contraction last night. Just one, and I immediately sat down and put my feet up, and drank some water. I didn’t have another one, and it didn’t hurt too bad, so maybe it was just him moving around. I don’t know. I imagine I’ll know when it comes time to head to the hospital.


oh my goodness- why in the world would she not tell you? That really sucks. Sorry Nina!!!

Nina says:

My mother has a notoriously poor memory. Don’t worry, this will provide me with years of teasing! My dad has done it before too, but he did it to my sister! I meant that post to be tongue in cheek!

Quiet Dreams says:

Aw, that sucks. Do you offer severance benefits?

Nina says:

Yeah. She still has to come for a week-long visit when FB gets here! I get to tease her about alzheimer’s setting in!

rosesdaughter says:

that sucks!!!
and welcome to my world in regard to the Braxton Hicks. I have them daily now. And some of them make me stop and hold on to something. But like you, I say, I’ll know when it’s time to go to the hospital!

Kristin says:

Too bad you missed out on the fun…but, enjoy the awesome teasing!

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