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{October 11, 2009}   Christmas

I’ve never in my life known the countdown to Christmas this early. In case you didn’t know, there’s 10.5 weeks left of the shopping season. In 10.5 weeks, I’ll be a mom. (I’m a little scared/intimidated/apprehensive.) I’ve told everyone that as far as the shopping season goes this year, I’m gonna be fat, tired, and out of breath. Sooo, everyone gets to hold a baby while I sing “Away in a Manger.” Last year, everyone got to come to my house and flush the toilet while I sang “Jingle Bells!” I think this year’s gift is an improvement over last year’s, don’t you?

I’m starting to get nervous. Something’s gonna happen. Another couple we know just gave birth to a baby girl, and I predicted before she ever went to the hospital that she’d have to have a C-section. I predicted that another couple would have a girl. So, I’m nervous. It’s just going too well, ya know?

In other news, we’re going to my husband’s hometown for a court date with his EB over the child support. Again. He got a summons for “non-payment of child/medical support.” Well, he’s got receipts and check stubs contradicting that, and the state of TN’s child support website shows he’s been paying extra to catch up. And, she’s cashed some of the checks. So she can kiss our collective asses. That summons made him sound like a criminal. I just don’t want to go and announce that I’m pregnant. The first thing she’ll do is get on the phone to my stepson and ask ‘So, what do you think about having a new little brother?’ I don’t need that. He doesn’t need to know yet, at least not before my husband talks to him and my MIL first. I want the ground rules set before he gets here, ya know? Probably stupid, and over controlling, but I just want FB to have as little contact with my MIL and stepson as possible. The whole thing is giving me goosebumps. Along with almost making me physically sick. I can’t wait till the child support’s finished and we never have to deal with any of them ever again. (My husband’s words, not mine, but I fully support the sentiment.)


Quiet Dreams says:

Hugs, NinaPinta. It’s so good y’all kept good records. Good in-your-face moment to the EB.

Remember to breathe.

Nina says:

Breathe, right. *inhale, exhale, repeat* Glad you reminded me! (Me, the moron, was wondering why my face was blue.)

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