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{October 11, 2009}   Trash

I saw something today that irritated me. We went to Wal-Mart today, and while we were there, we heard a Code Adam over the loudspeaker for a little boy. Awwww, I thought to myself. Poor little guy. Well, when we went to check out, there was a kid in front of us throwing a fit cause he wanted something, and mom said no, or so I thought. When we got to the counter, the checker told us that the staff had made him clean out his pockets and that they were full of shit! Full! He’d been attempting to steal stuff. I then thought, ‘Well, good. Lesson learned.’ Yep, but not the way I thought. The checker told us that the mom had been moving stuff around in her cart and trying to get out of the store without paying for half her groceries! And had $600 worth of food stamps and had bought nothing but junk with it. Wow. Kid definitely got it honest. Then the checker told us that the Code Adam was for the same little kid, who’d been up at the service desk for an hour, waiting on his mother! Can you imagine. Trash. Straight up.

P.S. I’ve been exceptionally tired and headachy for the last couple of days. I checked my pressure, and it was 117/60, so it wasn’t that. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep the last couple of days, but the least little thing tires me out. Isn’t this supposed to happen in the beginning of knocked upped-ness? Maybe I’m just too stressed out. I took Quiet Dream’s stress test, and I scored a 443. It said that I had an 80% probability of contracting a stress-related illness. I’m just now realizing that my normal operating level of stress is something most people would shit their pants over. Apparently, I’m good at compartmentalizing. How do people get by if they can’t do that? What do other people do? I’ve tried the relaxing bath, or the massage, or talking about stuff. I’ve even tried (dirty word alert) exercising. It all just gets on my nerves. Damage control and containment are the only things that seem to de-stress me, unless I can escape into a book or movie or crochet pattern for awhile. I don’t know, but I guess, at work, my behavior gets governed by my view of what’s appropriate in front of the patient, or over the patient’s head, versus what’s not. I mean seriously? Would you want to go into surgery with a surgeon that you just watched duke it out with a hospital employee over some piece of paperwork? I wouldn’t. Would you want to have surgery knowing that the team had just had a knock-down drag out argument over policy and procedure because someone was being lazy? I wouldn’t. So, we try to keep that to a minimum in front of Joe Public. But it happens. Every single day. Would you want to have surgery knowing that your nurse/tech/doctor had been up all night operating and was tired? I wouldn’t. That happens every day too. Trust me. Unless surgery is required for life/basic life functions, try not to do it. Cause once you are schnockered, it’s on. This is my life. This is what I deal with every day. Life and death, right and wrong, etc. Most everyone deals with some of these things, but usually on a smaller scale. See, if something happens to a patient and we have a bad outcome (whatever that may be), it can reflect on me and my licensure, even if I had no control over the event. Because of that, I’m very particular about how I (and my team) perform their respective duties. But every day, I have to argue with people over following policy and procedure that constitutes gross negligence. Because of laziness, passive-aggressiveness, any number of reasons. I just want to do a good job and go home, knowing that I did my best that day and every other day. Am I the only person who feels that way? Add all of this to being preggo, paying the bills, being married, working extra so we can eat (I know, I know, it’s a really bad habit. I’m trying to cut back. 😉 )making some attempt to keep the house sanitary, you know, living, and it can add up to being a little tired, I guess.


Kristin says:

God what a horrible scenario with that mom and kid. UGH

I know what you mean about stress levels. There have been times in my life when my stressors were sky high yet most people thought I was functioning just fine.

Quiet Dreams says:

Ugh, Nina…You’ve got so much on your plate. I hope things get better for you ASAP. (((hugs)))

rosesdaughter says:

And I thought I was stressed out! You have waaaaaaaay too much on your plate. I know it’s hard, but sometimes, you just have to let go of stuff you can’t control. Especially other people. Do YOUR job to the best of your ability and then leave it at work!

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