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{October 12, 2009}   What is the deal?

My husband interviewed on Thursday for a really good job with benefits. The woman called him this morning and said that she’d still not heard anything as far as approval went. Then ‘the roommate’ went for an interview, and immediately got a second interview. Now, I’ve lost hope again. That didn’t sound promising, did it. I just want him to have a better job. What am I gonna do?

rosesdaughter says:

Maybe his second interview will come soon? Keep trying to be positive (BIG HUG)

Quiet Dreams says:

(((hugs))) sending good interview thoughts to the YCU and calming thoughts to my Nina.

Nina says:

I know. I’m having trouble with that calming thing, aren’t I. *sigh* I’ve been sighing a lot. I need counseling, I think. Wonder if I can go to the same one I was seeing before?

Val says:

If you’re in a big city, maybe you can get into a clinical-research trial like I did – free counseling for depression, whaaa-hooo! [That lifted my mood a lot right there.]

Kristin says:

Hold on hon…it will happen.

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