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{October 13, 2009}   5 hours

That’s how long we spent in the car today driving back and forth to YCU’s hometown to show the state of TN what idiots they were. We had paperwork proving that checks had been sent in and cashed for the child support, but apparently, the state needs the interest it collects from sitting on child support checks, cause they’ve not forwarded it on to EB. So she bitched, cause that’s what she does. She tried to complain that YCU’d taken a lower paying job so he wouldn’t have to pay her as much and the guy looked at her and said “So? He’s paying you, isn’t he?” Yes. That was a wonderful, heartwarming, in-your-face moment. And I sat there reveling in it! She’s convinced that YCU is holding out money on her. She doesn’t understand that she gets what she gets and that’s it. I can work all the extra hours and make all the money I want to finance our lifestyle, and she doesn’t get any of it. Cause it’s MINE!! All of it! Well, it’s ours, but you know what I mean. I wish the whole eastern end of TN would just fall off the map and take her with it. I truly feel that’s the only way we’ll never have to see the man-bear-pig again.

Oh, and my dr’s appointment yesterday went very smoothly. Very little swelling in my feet, bp was good, and he’s pointed head down, for now. We all know how that goes. I just hope he’s OA when the big event occurs. The poor girls who’s babies are OP end up pushing for forever. Oh, Occiput Anterior is when the back of baby’s head is pointed toward your belly, not your booty. OP is the reverse. OA is the primo position for baby to be in during delivery. But Dr. M said everything was perfect, so far. At least something is, right? 😉

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