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{October 17, 2009}   Over the last couple of weeks…

I’ve encountered 2 different bathrooms with “Closed for Cleaning” signs in front of them. Now. You all know how dangerous it is to get between a pregnant girl and her bathroom, right? Well. I can poot in front of my husband with no qualms whatsoever, so I got no problems peeing with an audience. Bless his heart, I scared one guy completely out of the girl’s bathroom in Wal-mart, and the rest station will just never be the same. *sigh* What’s a girl to do? Mom said that all modesty would be gone after delivery. Well, since I had a dry run, I guess I’ve already lost mine. So, wonder what I’ll lose this time? ;p

In other news, the job with the great benefits that my husband interviewed for last week? Well, the girl called him back and told him that his background check hadn’t come back yet. Whew. Maybe it’ll pan out. Maybe no reason to really panic. Maybe.

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