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{October 18, 2009}   We cannot be trusted…

anywhere near a baby store. We went today to BRE (because I’m nosy) and were browsing (through the registry. Yeah. Lame, I know). We bought him 3 outfits! Total impulse buy. *sigh* I’m a bit ashamed of myself, cause I’m usually the voice of reason when it comes to impulse buys in this family. Like today, for instance. After we went to BRE, we went to the gun store. My husband has slowly morphed into a gun enthusiast. Now, by no means do I think people should be unarmed, I just think we’re plenty armed, thank you very much. AND I’m sorry, but guns will shoot without all the crap gun stores tell you you have to have. Such as gun bags, gun cases, grips, and I don’t even know what all else. Guns will shoot just the way they come to you in the package, and you only need one bullet, in my opinion. Maybe two or three, if you’re trying to kill a human equivalent of an elephant breaking into your home. But this can be done with a minimum of expense after the initial firearm purchase. Not so, if my husband were allowed out with the bank card by himself. His excuse would probably be that the gun stuff spoke to him, and looked lonely on the shelf, and needed a home, etc. Had to drag him away from the gun stuff. Then he was irritated when I bought 2 maternity shirts. Well, 3 of my shirts had gone out of season, as they were sleeveless/tanks, so I don’t know what he thought I was going to do. I spent $20. I didn’t think it was going to break the bank. And I would like it noted, that I’ve officially become Mama, because I spent more on the Jumping Bean today than I did myself. (SQUEEE!!!) Pics of Best Dressed Little Man clothes coming soon!

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you! When I went in the maternity store today, I asked about bras. For the Kilimanjaros. Yeah. We’ve graduated from Vesuvii to Mt Kilimanjaros now. Anyway. I asked for a 34G-H. Hoping against hope, aaaaannnnnd nothing. They suggested I try the other stores in town and see if they carried bigger sizes. One girl told me they would probably fit me in a plus-sized bra. Are you serious????!!! I told the girl “Yeah. If they give me a plus sized bra, I’d have to tie it in a bow in the back. I’m thinking that’s not gonna work for me.” She actually laughed and admitted that I might just be right. Hell, I’d probably have to tie it in a bow around the ‘Bean’! Much less my chest! If I could find a designer who could make bras to fit people like me (big boobs, little girth), I’d be poorer than I already am, cause I’d just buy out the whole store. Hmmmm. I just had a thought. Wonder if those ‘toy stores’ sell those kind? I mean, strippers have my problem, right? Course, they don’t wear bras for long, so maybe it doesn’t matter to them.

Today, in the mall, I saw 2 women that didn’t look in the mirror before they left the house. One was wearing one of those hoodie sweater dresses with black tights and heels. Looked really cute, till the sun shined on her. You could see straight through her dress. Was wearing a thong/g-string/ass floss, and no slip. Now, I realize slips are probably outdated, but I think outdated is better than thong flashing. That’s just me. The other one was wearing a long sweater and stretch pants. Now, the point of the sweater is to cover your butt so that these wardrobe malfunctions are kept to a minimum. She pulled up the sweater to adjust the pants, and they were translucent. In black, no less. With, yet again, a thong. I’m rather prejudiced against thongs, as I don’t need my ass crack cleaned, thank you very much. I take care of that in the shower. People who walk behind me will just have to deal with panty lines. If you don’t like it, don’t keep staring at my ass!

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