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{October 20, 2009}   Okay, so that was weird…

I just got an email from the nurse recruiter down in HR where I work. I’d applied for a coordinator position, and just figured I better be thorough. I’m nothing if not efficient. So I get this email saying that I have to submit my resume and fill out a transfer request. Now. I work in the same department. It will simply be a promotion. If I’m even considered for it. They may decide that I don’t have the experience necessary, which I would understand, but they all started somewhere, right? Anyway, so I just replied asking if I needed to fill out the transfer since it was in the same department. I’m thinking she didn’t read the thing all the way through, what do you think?

In other news, Jumping Bean has been living up to his nickname all day long. I sit, I stand, I walk, I squat, I crawl, and he jumps. And kicks. Is he practicing to be the next Bruce Lee, you think? *wondering if swaddling will be at all effective post delivery/trying to get him to sleep time*

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