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{October 24, 2009}   Well, to catch everyone up.

Well, I didn’t get the job, because they’d closed the interviews. But all is not lost. They’re doing a lot of re-structuring in the next year or so, so maybe I can apply for board-runner(charge nurse) or coordinator for some other service. Today is my 1st baby shower, so I’ll be leaving to go to that soon! I’ll update with pictures later. I’m officially vaccinated for the flu and H1N1. It was that or have to wear a mask at all times (while I’m at work) for the next 6 months. I can’t breathe unless the temperature’s cool in those masks, so no. I’ll just get the shot. Just working and watching my belly dance! Yes, he’s all over the place. People at work are fascinated by my belly. I don’t mind if people touch my belly, just please ask me first! I wanted to go hose off in bleach after one of the doctors touched me one day. No news on the Jackass Dr that hollered at me. They may not be allowed to tell me, but as I am directly involved, I wish they would. YCU found a job working nights, but it may work out that I won’t have to rely on the SIL as much as I thought. She’s great. If anything ever happens between my brother and her, I’m keeping her and sending him back to Costa Rica (where she’s from)! She totally makes up for my MIL who’s just crazy. The job he found doesn’t make much money, but it’ll take care of his child support and help out a little bit, and I can take call and work a little extra here and there to make up the difference. So, in other words, I’m feeling better about our financial state. I’m surprisingly not as stressed out this week. I think it was just a culmination of everything at once that was making me neurotic. Yes, I’m much more zen this week. I’ll take that.

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