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{October 28, 2009}   Country as Cornbread

I had a patient tell me that I was country as cornbread today. I found this highly amusing. I realize I have an extremely southern accent, but that was just funny. He had notes all in his chart telling everyone not to give information to an ex even if she had the passcode. I had to ask if there was someone specific I could ask for in the event we needed to talk to his family. He told me to ask for “Red”. Ok. He then told me she was his new lady friend, and that he was bad with names and didn’t know her first name. Wow. Then he told me he didn’t want a catheter. I tried to explain that he may have to have one during surgery, but that we would insert it after he was under anesthesia and he wouldn’t feel a thing. His response? “Poor little guy!” I told him we’d take good care of it, don’t worry. Seriously? Come on. The guy has lung cancer and all he’s worried about is his wee-wee? Oh, and he was unemployed. And had all these women after him? What the hell. But I was country.

In other news, I’m really, really tired of having the argument over having to go into cases involving bone cement. I got sent home early today cause all the cases left were arthroplasties. Total knee, bipolar hip, radial head arthroplasties. All of these cases involve bone cement. Now, they’re trying to argue that other people are circulating those cases, and just stepping out of the room when the bone cement is being used. Well, that’s great, in the daytime when there’s other staff to back them up in case of an emergency. At night and on the weekend? We’re it. Sometimes after the bone cement is inserted, the patient can have an air or a fat embolism. This causes them to go into cardiac arrest. CPR, crash cart, code blue, the works. Well, should this happen, and I’ve stepped out of the room, I can’t come back in the room due to the fumes, and now I’ve abandoned my patient. Dangerous and stupid, to my way of thinking. But, apparently, if the nurse being sent to relieve the preggo employee bitches, then the preggo is just gonna have to tough it out. This pisses me off. I’ve tried so hard to be accommodating, wear the lead (which is really heavy) in the C-Arm/X-ray cases, worked extra, covered shifts, and tried not to be a burden. I just don’t understand why they are trying to push the issue. I think it is obvious that I want to work. I’m not trying to get out of it. I’m trying to keep my child safe, and their words to me? “Well, how much of the job requirements can you be expected to fulfill and still retain a position?” I told them that I felt I’d more than fulfilled my job requirements. They can’t discriminate against me because I’m pregnant, can they? Seriously, either the pregnant girls need to be exempted from call altogether, exempted from those cases altogether, or everyone needs to understand that they may have to back them up, should such a case come in. I just don’t understand why they can’t just say, pregnant employees are exempt from those cases. End of discussion. I understand that they can’t keep me on the payroll if I can’t do the remaining cases, and they had to send me home today. Please don’t get me wrong. I just don’t understand why I had to have the discussion at all.

Kristin says:

That is damned ridiculous. And, no, they can’t discriminate against you just because you are pregnant.

rosesdaughter says:

This sounds like an issue the OR you work at has. I used to work in the OR and vividly remember having to go relieve on cases where they used bone cement and C-Arm because the circulating nurse was pregnant. It was never an issue. They usually just found something else for them to do. Hell, I remember once, there were no cases the pregnant circulator could do, so they sent her to do stocking all day. I think it’s all about the culture in your particular OR. That being said, they can’t fire you for being pregnant. Get a doctor’s note, talk to human resources. It’s almost like a disability that they have to accommodate for. For instance, if you were put on light duty, they would HAVE to accomidate that. I was on light duty once, and they made me the secretary. So I KNOW that in nursing, it can be done. No matter what they say.

Quiet Dreams says:

Sounds like total bullshit to me. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of bullshit where you work.

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