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{October 29, 2009}   Victory is mine…

I think. I talked to the assistant director of the department today. I brought up the low morale, the abusive doctors, the cement cases, and the inappropriate comments made by the supervisors and staff regarding my pregnancy and job requirements. I just kinda vented in general. She agreed that the comments were inappropriate, and she said that she would speak to the charge nurses. She also saw my logic on the patient abandonment issue, and said that it made sense to have the other nurse come in at the start of the case, instead of having her drive 30 minutes to stand in a case for 20 or less. Why she didn’t see that on Saturday, I’m not sure, but whatever. She also agreed with me that morale was low, we feel like we don’t have any backup with the surgeons when asked for inappropriate actions, and we feel that surgeons’ misbehavior is handled on a case-by-case basis instead of a blanket ruling, which would be the fairest way to handle it. She agreed that it would be beneficial to have the Chief Medical Officer (a.k.a. Surgeon Babysitter) to come and speak to us regarding these behaviors and explain our options, and they would make that happen. Then she apologized for making me feel pressured on Sunday over the whole situation. We’ll see if any of it comes to pass.
I was a bit emotional today at work. I was getting frustrated easily, and irritated even easier. I worked with the scrub nurse this morning that closely resembles my husband in personality and behavior, and found myself responding with the same level of impatience that I get at home. This is not good. Sometimes it’s funny, but when my window-screening filter opens up to chicken wire, sometimes things come out that shouldn’t. Normally when I’m at work, I try to behave like I’ve been taught some manners. At home, I become an inbred hillbilly with knife skills when baited and irritated. I don’t have time for that shit. Tell me what I want to know, answer the question I asked you, not what you think I want to hear, and don’t hem and haw around, dammit, make a decision! If you don’t, I’ll make one, and you probably won’t like it. I’m kinda like Weezer in Steel Magnolias. “I’m pleasant!! I saw Drum Eatonton at the grocery store, and I smiled at the sonovabitch before I could help myself!!”


Quiet Dreams says:

Ha! Hope your myriad problems with your work get resolved before you have to go all inbred on their asses.

Kristin says:

Good for you! I hope like hell they listen and do something for a change!

LOL! Steel Magnolia’s is one of my all time favorite movies!
I’m glad you got to express yourself. Hope everything works out!

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