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{October 31, 2009}   All dressed up…

and nowhere to go. I’m blogging away heartburn again. I hope I’m not one of those who has to have my gallbladder out. Ugh. It’s not like I don’t know any good surgeons, but ugh. Woke up cramping and immediately my brain goes into overdrive. “OMG. What if…. Wait, how long was that? Could it just be gas?” Yeah. I’m neurotic. I even felt him kick while this was going on. Now. I know he wouldn’t be kicking and rolling around like a cat in a bag if he was in some sort of distress. He was just ‘smushed’. And now that we’ve ‘evacuated’, the heartburn’s almost gone. Course, I’m not sure if this was from that or the zan.tac I took. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just want sleep.

Update: HB went away, I was able to return to the woodpile, and slept in till 10amish. Now, I have to clean up after the boys who seem tho think that clean smells like grease, trash, and cars. *sigh* Someone once told me that there’s “A Man’s Idea of Clean”, “A Woman’s Idea of Clean”, and “Sterile”. He said there’s not much difference in the last two. I’m beginning to agree with him. This was a doctor I worked with long ago. He was a pretty smart guy. I just wish I had some help. Shall have to commandeer the roommate and threaten his lodgings.


rosesdaughter says:

ahhh, heartburn. It has been my constant evil companion these last few weeks.

Jo says:

Ugh. No fun. Feel better soon!

Kristin says:

Heartburn truly sucks. Sorry you are dealing with it.

Hootie says:

Old Wives’ Tales say heartburn means a kid with a lot of hair, and this old wife has to say it was true in my case. I only really had probs with it on my second kids and she was born with gobs of dark hair. I guess we’ll all see soon enough!

Nina says:

I’ve heard that, as well. It’s not always true (I was around long enough in L&D to see that) , but each and every one of us came out needing a haircut. I don’t know if Mom ever had heartburn or not. My Mom and Aunt aren’t really forthcoming on the nitty gritty details of their pregnancies. I’ll have to ask. And doesn’t that kid still have gobs of dark hair?

Hootie says:

Yes, and the things she does still give me heartburn….

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