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{October 31, 2009}   Nina’s Thotful Spot

That’s what I should have named this blog. Anyway. I gotta get together a go-bag for the hospital stay. Clothes for me, clothes for the Jumping Bean, Diapers, wipes (for the trip home, in case we have to stop anywhere), toiletries in miniature(?), hairbrush, blow dryer (I’m not buying a new one, will just have to try to remember on the way, otherwise will be using the drip-dry method), house shoes (I never wear them at home, but seriously? You don’t want to walk around a hospital in bare feet or even just socks. And you look really stupid wearing your tennies with your bathrobe.) pj’s, and I don’t even know what all else. Pads! Will be needing those, no? And don’t I need to pack the boppy and diaper bag? Hand sanitizer for when the family comes to call? I’m never going anywhere again that it won’t look like I’m moving.

In other news, the house is swept, mopped, dusted, guest bathroom cleaned (courtesy of the roommate), I just need to vacuum, and get the rest of the clothes put away and hung up. I feel soooo much better with a clean house. This is going to cause a problem postpartum, isn’t it. Hmmm. Mom and Aunt are coming for a week (combined, not consecutive, although that doesn’t sound half bad now you mention it) so hopefully it won’t be too bad for a little bit. Oh sleep, wherefore art thou? Maybe I’m practicing for later, ya think?

rosesdaughter says:

You are nesting!!!!!
I’m still working on my bag as we speak. I am determined to have it completed today. Miniature tolietries is a wonderful idea!!! I already have the baby’s stuff in there, I just need my stuff. I ‘m still debating if I want to take my laptop or not. Hmmmmmm…..

Hootie says:

Lay in a supply of Tuck’s at home in case you have an episiotomy, they’re a major help.

Nina says:

Yep, I’ve heard that, ice packs and pramoxine foam too.

Kristin says:

You are definitely nesting. Not too much longer now.

Nina says:

It needs to be about 7.5 more weeks!!! Maybe I’m just an over-achiever? White males statistically don’t do well pre-term. I’ve seen 37 weekers that had to have a vent cause they couldn’t fly by themselves! Great. Now I’ve neuroticized myself into a panic. Brethine/Indocin/whatever the hell else stops labor will have to be my friend. Lots of water, like NO activity (which isn’t much different than now, other than when I’m at work), feet propped up, ears plugged (so I don’t worry so much cause I can’t hear what’s going on). Padded room, restraints….yep, you’re right, nesting.

Quiet Dreams says:

You will go places again without it looking like you’re moving…it will just be in about 15 years or so. 😉

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