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{November 1, 2009}   I’m a total sap. It’s official.

Last night I picked up New Moon and started to re-read. You know, in honor of the new movie coming out. Now. I’ve read this before. I got to the part where Edward leaves Bella and started crying!! I’d like to think this is just pregnancy emotions coming out, and that it won’t happen again, but I’m not sure. I still can’t believe this. I used to pick on Mom so bad for crying at the end of Sense and Sensibility. Every time. I was reading and realized that Stephanie (Meyer) totally described how I would feel if the YCU ever left me, like I was being punched in the gut and run over by a large herd of antelope, and *sniffle, sniffle, SOOOOOOOBBBBBB!*. I guess he’s really my Edward. He may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for me, right? (See? See? Sap.)

In other news, tea really is good for heartburn. I only had it for a little bit last night, and it resolved itself. I was able to get back to sleep and everything.


rosesdaughter says:

I started rereading New Moon too, and had to put it down because I was crying so hard. And I’ve read that book dozens of times! But then again, I cry at commercials too these days. 🙂

Kristin says:

Chalk it all up to pregnancy hormones!

Quiet Dreams says:

Kristin’s right…it’s the hormones. You won’t be this sappy forever (probably). 🙂

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