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{November 7, 2009}   Baby Shower #3!!

Wow. That’s all I can say. We’ve been so amazingly blessed with wonderful family and friends who love us. I’ve sort of been down in the dumps lately cause of all the work troubles and money worry and such. We don’t have it that bad. We have it great, really. I have a job, YCU has 2 jobs, I’m so proud of him for trying so hard and doing so well with all this stress. I’m so touched that everyone thinks that much of us and our baby!! My mom, aunt, and grandparents all chipped in and bought my stroller/carseat combo and an extra base for the other car. (I was really afraid I wouldn’t get that, and would have to figure out where the money was going to come from just so I could take him home! You have to prove you have a carseat and that it’s installed properly before you can take the baby home.) Someone told me that I wouldn’t get everything I wanted, but I would get everything I needed. They were only half right. We got everything we needed and everything we wanted!! I know a couple that has a new baby and didn’t even have one shower or anything given to them. We’ve had everything given to us. It makes me want to give them some of the beautiful things I’ve been given, just to help them out. I’m just so grateful. (And the MIL didn’t show, call, write, say kiss my butt, or anything. *contented sigh*)

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