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{November 14, 2009}   Friday the 13th

It never fails. Last case of the day, in the smallest room in the OR (Cysto Room, for those in the know) the patient decides to crash on us. Turned blue and went into Pulseless Electrical Activity, or PEA. So, we started chest compressions, gave epi, the doctors started art lines and central lines and we got him up to the unit on a vent. I didn’t get out of there till 1930, after giving report to the unit nurse, filling out the incident report, making sure the crash cart got switched out, and transporting the patient. The pt was uro-septic. Kidney infection due to kidney stones. What a mess. I got home, and was getting undressed, and had 1+ pitting edema in my legs. Hmmm. It’s still there today, although not as marked. I had socks on yesterday, see. I know that some swelling is normal, but is it supposed to be pitting? I’ve been watching my blood pressure, and it’s been normal so far, so maybe I’m just being paranoid and my expectations are too high. If it doesn’t resolve itself by this afternoon, I’ll call the doctor. And probably feel stupid later, but better to be careful, right?

Update: Well, the swelling is down this morning, so I think it’ll be ok, unless it flares up again tomorrow. We’ll see. It seems to look worse when I wear socks, as opposed to supp hose. Maybe I’ll get me some today. Sexy.


rosesdaughter says:

go get it checked out!!!!!

Quiet Dreams says:

Ditto Rose’s Daughter.

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