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{November 15, 2009}   I’ll just have to get used to being poor.

Just the way things are. My husband is so depressed. He feels like he’s not contributing. I’m just proud of him for trying, ya know? Things will pick up, they have to. He’ll get a better job soon, and we’ll be better off, and we’ll start paying stuff off, and everything else. It just seems like it’s all hitting at once. *sigh* I’m working as much as I can, and hopefully the short term disability will take care of the rest while I’m off. When I go back, I won’t be able to take call much, since he works the weekend and my SIL probably doesn’t want to raise my kid for me, so I’ll have to work extra on the days he’s off. Don’t have much choice. So, class, what have we learned from this? Save for rainy days! And? Don’t go into debt, save for what you want! There’s more! Buy used and save the difference! I’ve looked into a website called It teaches you how to use coupons at the grocery store effectively. Maybe that’ll help some, but I may be coming to you live from the public library soon. And sitting in the dark a lot. Hopefully the roommate will start paying rent soon, so that’ll alleviate some pressure. I’m having a beautiful baby boy, and he’s provided for for a little while, and we’ll just do what we have to do, and all’s right with the world.

rosesdaughter says:

I totally understand. My new years resolutions are simple: 1. Don’t create anymore debt 2. Start getting out of debt 3. SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY!. Yeah. If Me or C-Dub ever gets laid off again, I want to have some saved so that we are not scrambling like this time!

Hootie says:

Honey, go to and locate the chapter in Nashville, TN. See if there is anything offered that you can use. It’s all free–and it is a good resource for when you decide to unclutter, but the stuff you have is too good to just throw out. Now that you’re going to have a little one you’ll want to take care of the planet for him and recycling and re-using so things don’t go into the landfills is a good place to start.

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