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{November 16, 2009}   I’m gonna sound like an …

unappreciative bitch who needs a spanking. And maybe I do, but if that’s gonna offend or disappoint you, please don’t read any further. I just can’t believe it. Can’t fucking believe it.

I want to know how it is that pieces of garbage who don’t give a shit about their children (other than how much money they can bring in every month) can be so lucky. She had to have blown somebody to have won this. The last time we saw her, she’d gained at least 100 lbs, now we know why. She was trying to qualify to win gastric banding surgery. And she did. Yes, the ex-bitch. Picture in the paper and everything. $15000 prize package. I hope she loses the weight, forgets to take any pictures, and gains it all back. That’s what happens to most banding patients. They can still eat whatever they want, SO THEY DO. And it makes their stomach expand again, even with the band, and they gain the weight back. I actually feel sorry for the other patients, but if it happens to her, I’m throwing a party, I swear. How can this happen? Where is karma when you need it? Course, I guess the real bitch of it is needing to have it done in the first place. Maybe that’s where I should take my solace. Ok, bitching done.

In other news, the swelling went down considerably, and I can still get my rings on my fingers, so I’m not gonna worry for now. Although, this morning I woke up cramping. I’m just gonna drink some water and relax, and call the doctor if it doesn’t subside. That’s what she’d tell me to do anyways, if I called her now. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully, full bladder relief will take care of it. Oh, and I called in to work. Figured relaxing wasn’t in the cards if I didn’t.

Update: Well, I caved and called the doctor this morning. The edema has gone down, and I’m still wearing my rings comfortably, but I’m still cramping a little bit. Nothing really painful, just noticeable. Sheila the Nurse said that it was probably a good idea to call in to work today, and to swing by this afternoon and check a bp and urine. She said we could listen to the baby’s heart rate while we were there, too, if we wanted. He’s still moving around a lot, so I’m not worried about him really, but the whole PIH/bed rest thing kinda worries me. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Update on the update: Had a trace of protein in my urine, and blood pressure was 135/84. Had some swelling, but it had gone down, so no worries there. No other symptoms like headache, or blurred vision, or any of that mess. I’d had trace amounts of protein in my urine a couple of times before, and with no edema and normal bp, and my doctor said she doesn’t even get concerned till it registers 1+. Basically, stay off the feet as much as possible, and rest another day. I’m off tomorrow, so no problem. HR was 139, 148, 157. He decided to show off. He is my child.

rosesdaughter says:

That BITCH! It always amazes me how some people just seem to have everything come to them so easily(at least that’s how it seems) while I suffer. 😦 (That’s just the bitter bitch talking)

And good for you for calling out today!! Keep drinking that water, lay down on your side, elevate your feet!

Quiet Dreams says:

Enjoy your day off…take care of yourself.

Kristin says:

The ex-bitch is a real piece of work.

I hope your day off helps.

g says:

Oddly enough, I blink and you’re nearly full term. I swear my own pregnancy was much slower 🙂

Hoping the pre-e fairy stays far away from your uterus.


Nina says:

Thank you!! The swelling was nearly gone today, I think it was too much up on my feet Fri. Drink, drink, drink. Rest and relax when I can. Must learn how to do that…

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