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{November 19, 2009}   And karma bites me…

in the ass. I get irritated and short today, and get splashed by bloody suction canister this evening. Yuck. It hit me in the face, and although I’m 99% sure it didn’t get in my eyes or nose, I still had to have my blood drawn, have the patient’s blood drawn, etc, etc. Yuck.

In other news, I checked my blood pressure for the last 2 days and it was 120’s/70’s both times. So, I think I’m just retaining water. Yay. I feel fat. Biggie Smalls here is going to bed. Night, all.


rosesdaughter says:

Oh yuck! I remember when I got splashed, in the mouth, with amniotic fluid. I felt digusting for the rest of the month.

Quiet Dreams says:

Ew, sorry about the splash. Makes the hazards of my job not sound quite so bad.

Kristin says:

Geez, hope the tests come back clean.

Enna says:

Oh that just weirds me out! Also, my job now seems so very vanilla!

Nina says:

Update: The tests came back clean this morning. Whew. Now just to worry about the swelling and how I’m gonna house my feet for the next few weeks.

g says:

Glad you didn’t cop a significant exposure, but it’s plain old yuk, isn’t it?

Also, kudos on the BP



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