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{November 22, 2009}   Early Christmas Present

No, not that one. He’s still baking at 325, and seems relatively comfy. Don’t worry. My dad got us tickets to the General Jackson Showboat last night! I was actually surprised because….I LIKED IT!!! It was dinner and a show, prime rib, potato casserole of some sort, sweet taters, green beans, and cheesecake for dessert. The show was corny, A Country Christmas, but you all know how I love corny. They got this old guy up on the stage and the Barbies sat in his lap and sang ‘Santa Baby’. I told my SIL, Bro, and Sis that I hope he didn’t take his V.iagra this evening, or we’d be getting more show than we paid for. One of the Barbies had toilet paper on her shoe the whole show, and her tag sticking out of the back of her dress. (We were right next to the stage.) Guess they don’t have time for costume proofreading, eh? Well, back to normal life. Laundry and dishes. Merry Thanksgiving, all, if I don’t see you again. But I bet I will. My husband hooked up with some of his old high school friends on Facebook. We’re supposed to go to lunch with them (2 hrs away, mind you) on Tuesday. This should be interesting.

Update: I saw New Moon. Oh. My. God. Hot!! Excellent. Shirtless boys with 6-packs are better than porn. And Edward, of course. He requires no introduction. Oh. My. God.

rosesdaughter says:

Jacob was HOT! But Edward needs to buff up!

Valerie says:

Yeah, so we might need to go see that one again before it leaves the theater. (Together, O Impatient One.) Totally did not get my drool quota filled last time.

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