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{November 28, 2009}   Ever been to Centerville, TN?

I never had been, until today. Talk about East Bumfuck. It’s like a suburb of Nowhere. A friend of mine’s dad passed away, and I went to the funeral. It was pretty, and he had a lot of friends. I hadn’t seen this friend in a few months, so it was nice to see her, albeit not under these circumstances. They were enthralled by my belly, and thought I was cute. I still don’t feel cute. I just feel huge. Anyway, on the way back home, I stopped to get some french fries, and had to wonder again why men my dad’s age see fit to approach and flirt with me. Seriously? I’m out to here pregnant, not to mention married. *Cut loose, footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes..* I’m watching Footloose here. Cheesy, but fun. I wore makeup today, by the way. This is something I never, ever do. Too much trouble, and usually my face breaks out.

Can someone nominate me for What Not to Wear? I need a new wardrobe. I need to get rid of this baby weight. You know, once he gets here. *deepbreath* Looking forward to that.

Quiet Dreams says:

Well you MUST be cute if you have dirty old men hitting on you. 😉

Nina says:

I don’t think it takes much to get them excited. His line? I asked the girl at the counter if the tea container was sweet tea, and he said “Put your finger in it, and it will be. What u think about that?” No lie. It was all I could do not to start laughing. I thought to myself that surely at his age that wasn’t the best he had. *giggle* Funny.

Hootie says:

Nina, I’m surprised at you! That was probably the closest thing to James Bond that part of Tennessee has, that was smOOth~~~giggles~~~

Nina says:

You’re probably right! I didn’t think about that! At least it wasn’t “You got any kids? No? Y’ont some?” Yep. Heard that one before, too. I did start laughing at that one.

Val says:

**Snort** Don’t worry – lactation will take that baby weight right off! Try not to stress about being a Big Pregnant Woman, it’s exactly what your body is supposed to do… I was amazed last weekend when I got out old old photos to show my cousin => how HOT I looked @ 36 wks gestation: great complexion, shiny hair, big boobs & most of the weight was right there around the ol’ midsection…

CityGirl says:

Sorry I’ve been AWOL – just read the post with the good news about the position of the baby, etc. VERY EXCITING!

Also, I’ve been to Centerville – don’t ask why. Even worse is Center Hill, which is between Green Hill, AL and Minor Hill, TN – duh. It’s just below Pulaski, home of the KKK. I swear they pipe in banjo music all throughout southern middle TN….

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