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{December 1, 2009}   Weekly Exposure

Well, went to the dr’s today, and I’m 36 weeks, 5 days, 2cm and 70%. Actually, she said I was closer to 3, but definitely 2. So. I might not make it to Christmas Eve. Ok. *worriedsigh* I’m in dire mortal fear of what we in the US call ‘Wimpy White Male syndrome’. I just want him to be healthy and breathe on his own and adapt to outside life normally. GBS Negative, trace of protein still. He measures perfectly, and dear God, but he’s running out of room! I’ve been contracting off and on today, I imagine it’s probably from her checking me. Going to bed early, and working tomorrow. Oh, and I’m definitely in the ‘everything hurts’ stage.

Spent yesterday in the ER. My husband drank a frozen coffee drink and got a huge brain freeze. Little did I know, that can dilate your esophagus and tickle your heart muscles into some weird arrhythmia. By 1100 AM, his fingertips were cold and he felt lightheaded. So he wasn’t perfusing like he should, and was probably in a-fib. Great. He took his meds and we went to the ER. He’s on a beta-blocker, a calcium channel blocker, and an ace inhibitor. Naturally, by the time he got to the ER, whatever arrhythmia he had had resolved itself. But they had to draw his blood anyway, and do an EKG and chest x-ray. I told him that he scared the hell out of his highly neurotic wife, and please not to do that again!


Kristin says:

Glad the ER trip proved to be a non-event. Must have been scary while it was going on though.

I can’t believe you are getting so closet o the baby being here. How exciting.

Quiet Dreams says:

So weird and scary about your husband I have never heard of that. I get brain freeze all the time (people with migraines are more susceptible).

You are getting so close!

I am sorry you are in the everything hurts stage. That sucks. I am glad everything is going well though
That is crazy about your DH’s reaction to the drink. YIKES!!!! Hope he is feeling okay.

rosesdaughter says:

Hey! 2-3 cm is great! Scary about the brain freeze!

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