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{December 4, 2009}   A Very Merry Un-birthday

Well, I had my first false alarm today. I went to work, as usual, and about the middle of the day, I felt um, wetness. I went to the potty, took care of business, and still felt trickling. So, I called the boardrunner (who sounded an alarm like the cavalry, apparently) and she sent me relief. I was just gonna quietly leave and drive myself to the hospital (I know, one hospital to another), but no. All of a sudden, 84000 people were getting me a wheelchair, making me sit, telling me to call my husband, etc. As if I wouldn’t have done all those things anyway, but I didn’t need a audience! Anyway, got to L&D, and they hooked me up, my bp was up a bit, and I’ll be damned, but I was contracting! I couldn’t feel them, really, just crampy type stuff. So, I sat there for 3 hours (and didn’t get any lunch, mind you) and got sent home. They checked me, and I’m still 2cm, and I guess the trickly stuff was mucus plug, maybe? I don’t know. And do you know, after all we talked about, who was the first person my husband called? Yeah. His mother. We are not amused. I have been instructed to put my feet up, rest, and report to the OB Tuesday, unless I start to feel funky. Then I’m to show up Monday. Oh, and I’m still contracting every few minutes.


Quiet Dreams says:

Hmmmmm. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Could be soon, no?

rosesdaughter says:

He called his mother??? LOL!
Ahhhhh, soon you will join me in my midnight feedings…..

Nina says:

Yes, could be soon. And Jesus will be coming soon, if he calls his mother again. Perhaps he thought I didn’t mean it.

Kristin says:

Oh wow, it’s going to be very soon!

Val says:

I spit out my mucous plug a full 3 wks before we all got tired of waiting & my doc ruptured my membranes to induce me; I’m just sayin’…
Lord knows those last few wks are misery, hang in there!

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