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{December 5, 2009}   BellyWatch ’09: Status Report

Well, there’s still a belly to watch, and I’m still contracting. No more oozing. I spotted a little bit last night, but I’m sure that’s from where the nurse (who happened to be my 1st preceptor ever and has been doing OB nursing for longer than I’ve been on the planet) checked me yesterday. He’s dropped, I can tell cause I can breathe! He’s moving a lot. I’ve had my feet up all day except for meals and laundry (which I have to do or I’ll arrive at work or the hospital VERY cold due to being VERY nekkid) so my cankles don’t look so bad today. Trying to stay hydrated and fed, and finding something to watch on tv. YCU recently nixed the movie channels in our cable plan, so I’m now beginning to realize what people mean when they say they have 200 channels and nothing’s on. Most of those channels are sports, children’s, or CNN related. Sports? Isn’t that where they throw a ball a lot and get injured? Children’s? Well, I figure I’ll have plenty of time for that. CNN? Why, so my anxiety level will just increase? Whatever. I did get some thank-you notes written today, and have been web surfing and reading. YCU is asleep, see, and my car is still at work, so I guess I’m stranded, for now. However, he’s off Monday, so I guess I’ll go get it then.

My child is moving around an awful lot. Wonder if he really is making his bid for freedom soon?

Quiet Dreams says:

There’s probably some “Law and Order” on somewhere that you could watch. 😉

Enna says:


Kristin says:

I can’t wait to see the announcement that belly watch has ended.

Nina says:

I can’t wait to make the announcement. I’m a little over this now. Just a little.

rosesdaughter says:

There is always CSI! It’s on all day everyday too!

Nina says:

I know, but see, I’ve been such an avid season watcher, I’ve seen them all! I may have to get out my musical collection. And sing.

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