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{December 7, 2009}   Ok, so this morning…

more and more mucus-y stuff. And contractions, but nothing regular about them. I’m guessing he’s gonna be here soon, he’s just taking his sweet time about it. Still propping my feet up, fingers still feel like they need syrup (sausage links), ankles and feet not as swollen, but only if I keep propped up all day long. More laundry, keeping hydrated, that’s about it.

I can’t believe I forgot it’s my first blogoversary today!!


good luck!! I will be thinking about you girl. It seems to have gone by SO FAST! Wow!!

Hootie says:

So no post yet today, just checking in. I’m hoping you made it through last night OK. We’ve gotten some snow here in Chicago, and you know what they say about the change in barometric pressure prompting baby deliveries…Log in and let us know ❤

rosesdaughter says:

It Wednesday and you haven’t posted! have you had that baby yet??

Quiet Dreams says:

Happy belated blogoversary, mama.

I hope you are snuggling your sweet pea right now!!! We are all thinking about you.

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