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{December 13, 2009}   Sooo….tired.

Well, he was a bit jaundiced when we left for home, but everyone assured me that he didn’t look abnormally so. Yeah. Let me know how that works for ya. Anyway, our first trip to the pediatrician went well, everyone fawns over him, so they’re like, my favorite people. His bili level was up, so we had to return to the hospital and he got his first suntan. Just overnight, which is extremely short, compared to some stories I’ve heard. The levels are coming down steadily, so the ped released him tonight. I was by myself all day, but Mom stayed with me last night, thank God. My husband felt so bad about going back to work, but like I told him, we gotta have a house to come home to, so he’s doing just what he should. He couldn’t do anything if he was there anyway, at least I was feeding him! Oh, yeah, does anyone know if breastmilk is supposed to look like it has butter on top of it when it comes out of the fridge? That’s what mine looked like tonight. Murrrmmmm. Anyway, we’re home now, and I’m so tired, I’m surprised I’m able to put words together that sound like the English language. Going to bed, after feeding the offspring. Oh, and the MIL’s first visit ended without bloodshed, but probably only because I was too tired to throw anything at her. Hmmmm. More on that later.


CityGirl says:

I swear I thought I left a message on your new-baby-pictures post. He’s gaw-gous!! I visited the day after you posted the images.

Glad you didn’t murder your MIL – breast feeding through bars would have been a real bitch.

And I like the snow effect – nice!

Jo says:

So glad everyone is home safe and sound and that you are adjusting to new motherhood. He is gorgeous, and you are one lucky lady.


Quiet Dreams says:

Just rest and take care of yourself (and little man). It will get easier.

rosesdaughter says:

Yeah, my breastmilk looks the same way.
Sorry about the jaundice.
I’m tired too. I didn’t know that this level of sleep deprivation/tiredness existed.
I hear it gets easier.
I’m waiting!!!!!!!

Hootie says:

Yes, on the breast milk darlin’, it’s your cream. Stay away from acid-y things for the first month (and, of course chocolate) until his little digestive system gets a little farther along. Orange juice and pizza sauce (in you) tend to give them a sore little butt. If you can pump out a little each time as well as feeding Fletcher you can have a steady supply up in the freezer in case you ever get sick, you want the hub to feed the baby, or it’s time to go back to work. The little additional pumping will also help you to build up your supply faster to keep ahead of his appetite. I nursed all three of mine, the boy for the first nine months, both of the girls for more than 24 months. You will sleep like you have never slept before when you’re nursing. Remember to drink water and email me for anything you need! ~hugs~ don’t worry, you’re going to be great at this!

Nina says:

Thank you! It sorta looked like butter and I must say, was a bit disconcerting. I’m so glad I have people to ask about this stuff!

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