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{December 15, 2009}   I am the walrus.

My husband brought me breakfast in bed yesterday morning.
I’ve lost 19lbs in 6 days.
My baby is the most beautiful baby ever.
He is also a Boobie Pig. Quite skillful for only being 6 days old. (And yes, he snorts. It’s hysterical.)
My entire family dotes on him!
I didn’t kill my MIL. (Although, the jury’s still out. May have to reserve punishment for later.)
That is all.


Jo says:

So exquisitely happy for you! Take care of yourself and enjoy all that new motherhood has to offer.

Thinking of you,

Quiet Dreams says:

Snorting babies! Too much! And I thought a snorting dog was funny…

May says:

I have been looking at the photos of your son in amazement and delight. He is so very, very beautiful. Congratulations, my dear Nina.

Boobie pig! Hee hee hee.

Nina says:

Thank you. I hope to hear the same good news from your end soon!

Enna says:

I am exceeeeeeedingly jealous of your weight loss. and congrats again!

rosesdaughter says:

Love the snorting!!! Isn’t the weight loss wonderful?!?!?! It gives me hope!!
And continued good luck on the mother in law. mine has not come yet( fingers crossed)

Hootie says:

The breastfeeding acts like baby liposuction because all your fat cells go to the milk production. You will never lose weight easier in your life than when breastfeeding. Also, your body is looking for ways to dump all the fluids it built up to cushion his highness inside you, so–drink water, drink water, drink water! Give you body a way to get it to exit and you need the fluids for the milk production anyway. But, yeah, you ARE going to be tired to your very core. Just cocoon for a while with your greatest achievement so far! I’m sending you love and maternal braininess. You’re gonna do just fine! Rest up. ()

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