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{December 18, 2009}   That deaf, dumb, and blind kid…

is so tired right now. I feel like the kid in the Pinball Wizard song that plays by sense of smell, ya know?. The rest of my senses are not functioning at full capacity. I got probably an hour’s worth of sleep last night. My husband thinks The Chunker has his days and nights mixed up, so suggested to me to bathe him today, bother him, and otherwise keep him occupied till tonight. Then try different things getting him to sleep. Put him in the swing, try him in his crib, try letting him sleep in his carseat (Which is where he slept this morning for 3 hours.) I said ok, I’d try. I just bathed him (warm water only, cord’s still attached) and changed him, and now I think I’ll have some lunch. Or maybe take a nap. Yeaaaaah. Nap sounds good. Wonder what time Sis will be here? *Pinball Wizard, there has to be a twist…*

Kristin says:

Those days are the hardest to deal with. Hope your little man gets his days and nights straightened out.

Hootie says:

This is something that should make you feel better. When I was beside myself with fatigue and beating myself up about how I was handling new motherhood, I had a conversation with an 86-year old lady. She took my hand and said, “let me tell you something, honey. I have more bad days now than good at my age, but I can tell you that the very tiredest I have ever been was when I was 26 and had a new baby. Don’t be so hard on yourself and try to enjoy it while it lasts. It goes by faster than you think it will.”
She was the angel I needed at that time and she was absolutely right. Let the house go to hell and sleep when the kid sleeps. Anybody who doesn’t cut you some slack at this stage in your life doesn’t deserve your company.

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