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{December 20, 2009}   I think maybe…

I’ve figured a couple of things out. Maybe. Like that he likes to be bundled up and warm. He likes his dum-dum, but if he spits it out more than twice in rapid succession, he wants the real thing. He likes to be held to go to sleep (don’t know how to worm my way out of that one yet). He nurses one side, burps, rests a minute, then nurses the other side. I pumped 2 bottles full this morning. Yeah! I know! And still had enough to satisfy his little Highness! Huh. Who knew? I need to drink a lot. My skin is getting dry. Partly hormones, partly him sucking the moisture out, literally. Oil of Olay, anyone? Anyway, his left eye is getting sort of gummy and crusty with this yellow stuff. Now, the sclera is still white, so I know it’s not conjuntivitis (pinkeye), but I’m wondering if maybe it’s a clogged duct or something? I’ve got a pedi appt on Wed, but I’m debating whether to call in the morning and ask about it. My husband thought maybe just drainage from lying on that side, so I turned him over, and nope, still there. Hmmm…will have to think on this.

The being held before he goes to sleep is my issue too. CJ likes to eat to go to sleep. Not good. I don’t know how to get out of that one!

g says:

aaaan just when you figure ’em out, they change 🙂


Kristin says:

I use to joke that I had either been a wet nurse or a milk cow in my former life. You sound like you produce as much milk.

Glad you are figuring everything out.

Nina says:

To be honest, I’m leaning toward the milk cow for my former life’s work.

Quiet Dreams says:

You’re a brilliant milk cow. 😉

Nina says:

You’re a sweet pea!

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