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{December 21, 2009}   Guess who’s…

in her old clothes today!!! Ok, well, not completely, they’re my fat jeans, but they button, dammit! And I can sit in them! Not comfortable, but not completely uncomfortable, either. Fletcher only woke up every 3.5 hours on the button last night, and I’m feeling like I need to give the grizzly bears a salad fork. (Check out my sister’s blog , on the right, the one about “Fur”-niture for clarification on this reference.) Sleep is good for you. I’m discovering just how good for you as we speak. Well, need to let the dogs in and fold laundry. What a downer to such a glorious morning, eh?

3.5 hours? I’m jealous

Quiet Dreams says:

Don’t pressure yourself. Your body is doing amazing things (like feeding your son).

Kristin says:

You are doing fabulously. And, it sounds like Fletcher is sleeping really well.

Nina says:

I’ve been really blessed. He’s being very cooperative and making it easy on Mommy. I’m so grateful. He’s perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present!

g says:

You are managing more post natal blogging than I did, so YAY to rest 🙂


Valerie says:

A plug! Hooray! Yeah, I think the salad fork thing is going to be around forever. Thanks, Dad. 🙂 And another hooray for getting back into your old clothes. Great feeling isn’t it? I’m still trying to get my pre-marriage body back. Damn Nordic people and their carby food.

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