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{December 23, 2009}   Anyone ever seen…

“Where the Heart Is” with Natalie Portman? Well, I’ve seen the movie and read the book (of course) and although the book and movie differed in details, it was pretty close in essentials. In the movie, this girl has bad luck with 5’s. She gives examples of why and I’m not gonna go into that here, but yesterday, we were given change at Wal-Mart for $5.55. Just like the movie. WoooooOooooOOOo, scary! Not! But I found myself thinking about it, and how I’ve been waiting for the next shoe to drop for so long. Well, I’ve got my little miracle now, so maybe that’s over with. Yes, we’re still poor, yes, we’ve got problems like everyone else, but now I have what I wanted. I hope everyone else gets what they want this year as well. Merry Christmas!

P.S. The MIL is coming here with the stepson. We’ve decided to take it one day at a time and heavily supervise visitation and see where that gets us. Safety is still my numero uno concern, but I figure barring clubbing both of us with a baseball bat, the safety issue isn’t gonna get past us. I’ll just have to put my foot down with the MIL. She started already the night she came to the hospital. Fletcher was under the lights and I couldn’t hold him to calm him down, so I gave him a dum-dum. Which he can now take or leave, but it works for my purposes. She stated “You ain’t gonna use that thang all the time, are ya?” I (as politely as I could, which for me is saying something) explained that sucking soothes, and since I can’t soothe him, he gets a dum-dum. *reining temper in harshly, since I’m hormonal and bone tired* I was too tired to throw anything at her, like I said before. If she starts on Christmas, I swear I’ll ruin her holiday.


Jo says:

Loved “Where the Heart Is” — the book, anyway. The movie was not nearly as good, IMHO. Still, kinda spooky with the Walmart connection!

Here’s hoping your MIL can rein it in, although my own crazy MIL makes me wonder!

Merry Christmas, my friend!


Val says:

Sorry, I actively avoid anything w/Natalie Portman…
but we did see “Avatar” the other night & it was awesome! [basically a western-in-space but visually very compelling]
Belated congratulations – great job Momma! & hope you have no fireworks at Xmas w/your MIL [I sent mine home 12/30]

CityGirl says:

Here’s wishing you and your little fam as much peace as possible this Christmas!


Quiet Dreams says:

When you said “dum-dum” I was picturing you giving him a lollipop! MILs are hard. Hope she calms it down a notch or two for you. There, my Christmas wish for you. 🙂

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