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{December 26, 2009}   I snapped.

At my husband. In my defense, he was talking to me like I was stupid, but I should have let it go. *sigh* He wasn’t listening and I kept having to repeat myself. Sooooo irritating. He also kept interrupting me when I was trying to explain what I’d done. I just said ‘It’s ok, honey, I didn’t need to finish that sentence. Go ahead.’ whilst gritting my teeth and flaring my nose. (Just so you know, that wasn’t the part where I snapped at him. It was loud and un-repeatable.) Yeah, imagine a big, pissed off bull. That was me. He tried to antagonize me, and I wasn’t in the mood. I’d been baby-wrestling all day, to his (the baby’s) general mal-content, and just didn’t need that. I needed a break. I did apologize.


g says:

Fatigue makes everything more irritating. Also, impressed that you can flare your nostrils when you want to…


Nina says:

Hee, heeee. It’s a family trait! (Guess who else can do it?)

rosesdaughter says:

He’ll get over it.

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