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{December 29, 2009}   Fletcher: 968643, Mommy: 0

Yeah. It’s that bad. *shakes head, rubbing face* The nurses at the doctor’s office are gonna start wearing raincoats, and Mommy thinks she’s gonna need one soon. Last night, he pooped so big it shot into the air, landed on my MIL’s bedspread and throw, her carpet, and my pants. Did the same thing twice today, only he just managed to get the new clean diaper and Mommy’s hands. We’re 2 for 3 at the Pedi’s office, where he thinks everything looks good in yellow! I’ve managed to get through 2 diaper changes using only 1 diaper. Oh well. My brother and SIL came over tonight with my nephew. He was mostly finding things to get into, but did manage a smile for the baby. My SIL was very helpful with some feeding and diapering tips, so we’ll see how that goes. Will now go bleach my hands.

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