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{January 3, 2010}   Piss on clothes.

Hello, again, world, Fletcher here. I’ve gained a few opinions since we last spoke. I like my swing! I’ll sleep in it all night, till I get hungry/wet/poopy. I also like my vibrating rocker. I don’t like getting dressed or my diaper changed, but I like being warm. This creates quite the conundrum for Mommy, since I have to have one to have the other. Bath is a four letter word. Unless I’m asleep, or Daddy’s in there with me. Then I seem to like them fine. I think all my clothes look good bathed in Yellow!! Be that yellow from the front or the back, I don’t care. My hair sticks straight up after my bath, but I make spikes look good, don’t worry. I am a master belcher/farter. Oh, yeah. I grin the whole time. If it feels good, do it, I say. I pay lots of attention to things in bright colors and Mommy said something about some baby named ‘Einstein’? Not sure what she’s talking about there, but I’m sure she’ll let me know. I was trying to burp myself the other day, and Mommy got in the way. See, she put me up on her shoulder, but she didn’t know I was trying to take care of things sans help, and I thrashed one way, and her collarbone went the other, smacking me in the nose. I didn’t like this, not at all. Mommy covered her eyes and said something about DCS showing up after only 3 weeks, but I recovered and went on to activate my food retrieval alarm spectacularly. Well, that’s been my week in review. I got to go see the mean people again who make me cold and stick stuff in my booty on Wednesday. Apparently, they’re the only people who can tell if I’ve gotten bigger, which I HAVE. My feet reach all the way to my footies in my pj’s now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

rosesdaughter says:

LOL! CJ loves his swing too. And one night is desperation, we put the bouncer in the crib, and he managed to sleep for a couple of hours.

CityGirl says:

Footie PJs! Just the thought makes me want to find a baby somewhere and NOM! his toes.


Kristin says:

I like these blog posts from Fletcher…such an eloquent young man.

May says:

Adorably funny kid. Takes after his mother.

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