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{January 7, 2010}   That went well. I think.

Ok, while I’ve been off on maternity leave, I’ve been researching the job market. Just curious, maybe looking for something new, right? Well, I applied for a sales position with a medical equipment company and do you know they called me within 30 minutes? After an online app!! At first, I thought, wow, they must have really liked my resume. Then, reality set in. Hmmm…I thought. If they called me back that fast, they must either be desperate, or NO ONE wants this job. Hmmm…I thought. So, I went through the phone interview process, and was told that the hiring manager would contact me if I was thought to be a suitable…blah, blah, blah. Then, an hour later, the hiring manager calls me to set up a phone interview for the next day. With her. Why didn’t she just do it right then? Counter-productive, anyone? Anyway, so she called me this morning, and we had a nice chat, albeit with some distractions. Her dog escaped, my child needed multiple boob attachments, my phone tried to die, you name it. She basically just wanted to know how I did in nursing school, what I was like in high school (WTF? Weird.), what was I looking for in a position, etc. I answered that I was not impressed with nursing school, give me the nitty-gritty, no fluff, (nursing school is alllll about some fluff. Completely useless fluff.) I was Hermione Granger in high school (yeah, front row, hand in the air, snotty know-it-all), and that I was just looking for something different, more money…basically mundane blah answers. She told me she was impressed with my experience, and we bonded somewhat over some amusing anecdotes from both our careers (she was a nurse as well), and then she tells me the bad news. I would be required to be away from home overnight for 8-10 (most likely 10) weeks for training, only to come home on the weekends. I have a new baby, I’m nursing, I have husband that works nights, and childcare that I don’t want to put out or take advantage of because she’s already doing me such a huge favor for peanuts in pay. WTF. Seriously? Man. If I were single, or didn’t just have a baby, this would probably be ok, albeit irritating/annoying. Now? Not an option. Probably excellent pay and benefits though. Big company and all that. The only way I could do this would be if they could arrange for childcare for me, (for a very reasonable price), and if the benefits were to start on day 1, and if the pay was an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Like say $80-$90,000 a year. Maybe. Maybe more than that, and it would have to be salaried. Guaranteed, none of this commission bull. She told me to think on it, get back to her, and that if now wasn’t the right time, that it didn’t mean that the door was closed. She said they hire 20-30 new reps every year. Hmmm….high turnover rate, anyone? Hmmm….

Jo says:

For what it’s worth, this does NOT sound like the job for you. 8-10 weeks away from your newborn? Puhleeze. And you’re right — a high turnover rate + instant feedback = likely no one else wants the job.

Hugs to you and how’s Fletcher? I love to read his updates — tell him to keep writing!

Lots of love,

Nina says:

He’s wonderful. Sleeping currently. All that ruckus this morning tired him out, I suppose. He’s very appreciative of all the well-wishes! And yeah, I’ll discuss it with the YCU, but I’m thinking this is not an option.

g says:

Work is a subject I am trying studiously to ignore. Actually, I’m dreading it, and I was lucky enough to get a lot of time off before the full-time return, really.


Kristin says:

With a turnover rate like that, I’m not sure I’d want to work with them even if there wasn’t the 8 to 10 weeks away from home.

rosesdaughter says:

the 8 to 10 weeks away from home would be the end of it for me. I am dreading going back to work in 3 weeks. And i am going back part time. So sad the decisions we moms have to make these days. What happened to the man bringing home all the bacon?

Nina says:

My husband’s pig died.

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