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{January 13, 2010}   Sweet Relief!!

Well, I am broke. Just no extra money. Then I got my disability check for maternity leave. Then I went to the maternity store with every intention of tying a bow in the back if I could find a bra with the appropriate sized cups. I’m not sure where these bras were before, but they found me a sports bra like thing with a t-shirt style back, and some stays for support in the cups. Keeps everything in place without overflowing. Not perfect, but such a relief! It was getting bad. Every time I leaned over, I’d have to ‘readjust’. I was leaking because everything was moving around. Yeah, the puppies were breaking loose. Now, no chance. I had to tie a string around the straps to keep them on my shoulders. Yeah, I know, it was ghetto, but what’s a broke girl to do? Feels soooo much better now.

In other news, Fletcher’s starting to smile at us!! Sooo sweet. He’s just ridiculously beautiful, but I’ll admit my perspective may be a bit skewed. Especially since he looks like his mama!! 😉 He’s starting to stay awake during the day more, and sleep more at night, so that’s been nice. I try not to run to him everytime he rolls over, cause I figure sometimes he may just be stirring and going back to sleep. Hopefully he’ll be sleeping through the night soon. I’ll let you know how that works out. My MIL is behaving for now, and I’ve had a couple of good days. Maybe she’s afraid I’ll ban her from the premises if she acts up. I’m not an equine dentist, I promise.

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