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{January 16, 2010}   What is it with…

men in McDonald’s? Seriously? They must smell the fries and get all hot and bothered. I had a guy try to walk me to my car and carry my sack for me. It was a sausage McMuffin and a Dr. Pepper. I’m not kidding. It was kinda cute, you know like the puppy dogs disguising themselves as teenage boys that pick you up for school, drive you home, carry your books, let you wrap strings/ribbons around their class rings so you can wear them on your biggest finger or maybe just around your neck on a chain, etc. Do they carry your books anymore? I don’t know. We wore their coats, class rings, and all that hokey stuff. Anyway, it did somewhat make my day. I know, a few weeks ago this same thing happened and I was grossed out, but that guy was like, my dad’s age. Creepy. This guy was sorta hot. *giggles to self* (Cue Trace Adkins:One hot maaama… Ahem. Sorry. I promise, I thanked him and politely refused. Anyway, I start back to work on Wednesday. *sigh* I’m not worried about the baby, he’ll be in capable hands. Not worried much, anyway. I’m more worried about how much breast milk to send with him and how he’ll react to a new environment. Hopefully, he’ll behave and not give SIL a hard time. I love my job. I was meant to do my job. But if I could stay home with him full time, they’d never see my happy ass again. Ever.

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