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{January 20, 2010}   First day back…

wasn’t so bad. They were nice and let me work in my comfort zone, general surgery. They let me out to pump, and I got lunch. I had people asking me if I thought I would cry, but I didn’t. I left him with my husband (who thinks every time the kid squalls he’s hungry), so that wasn’t so bad. The bad thing was when I called at lunch time and he said he’d not slept all day because he was gassy. He tried to blame it on something I ate. Ok. I don’t think so. I have a pretty strict repertoire of food choices. I’m the pickiest eater on the planet. When we go out, I’ll try something my husband orders if I’m feeling adventurous, rather than ordering it myself, cause he’ll eat whatever doesn’t eat him first, and I won’t, but I digress. A couple of days ago, he opened another sample can of formula (because he’s under the misguided delusion that my breastmilk just isn’t enough; funny, at night and all day when he sleeps, he seems to do fine with it.) and made a supplementary bottle. I looked at the can later on when I was cleaning and it said 9-24 months. Dear God. I showed him and told him not to use it for fear of making the baby sick, but Mr I-know-everything-about-babies looked at the ingredients and decided that a few points difference in concentration wasn’t any difference at all. Yeah, to you and me. For a baby? He hasn’t pooped all day. He didn’t poop all night last night. He’s blocked up, which is why he has the excess gas. I told him to give him the mylecon and feed him some of the stored breast milk when it was time again, the better to digest, I hope. Some of the women at work suggested dark karo syrup and water mixture, and to take a warm washcloth and massage his rectum. I told the YCU this, and his response? “IIiiii think I’ll just feed him the breast milk and let it pass naturally.” He’s got a real aversion to checking the dipey, for some reason. He’s always suggesting to feed him, but when you check the dipey, he’s just wet. That’s all. Chicken. I think he’s afraid of poop. I also think he’s learned his lesson about reading cans and not taking for granted that just because it has the same ingredients that concentration doesn’t matter. The baby’s sleeping now. Hopefully, when I check him later, the baby will have pooped and will feel better. Poor baby. I missed him. I’m so glad to be home.


Quiet Dreams says:

Wow. 9-24 months, huh?
Hope the constipation goes away very soon, but mostly I hope that Mr. Man has learned something. Poor baby.

rosesdaughter says:

at least you got your first day over with! Poor baby! 9-24 months?????

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