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{January 25, 2010}   Can Daddy have some time?

THIS. This is what my husband said to my son earlier today. Ever want to take a frying pan/ballbat/rolling pin to your significant other’s head? The baby was fussy (=wet, but Daddy was ignoring that cause the baby just had to be hungry so he wouldn’t have to change him, even though I suggested he check his diaper twice) and Daddy couldn’t get away from him to do anything. And he wonders why I can barely get the laundry done, much less any housework.

In other news, I had my OB appt last week, so we’re all birth-controlled up, however energy, libido, and time are all a bit elusive right now, as is sleep. So YCU is grumpy. He did bring me breakfast this am though, so I’ll try to accommodate, I suppose. Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I couldn’t get to the laptop cause the YCU was “doing something” every time I tried. *irritated sigh* Oh, update on the last post: No more constipation. The baby’s been getting only breast milk cause YCU is afraid of all formula now. He just can’t get it through his thick head that it was the formula contents that caused it, not all formula. The first week back at work wasn’t bad. I have an interview tomorrow at a surgery center. I really want more money, no call, Monday-Friday, possibly a management position, and benefits. I’ll have to see if it will work out. My child smiled at me!! Pics to follow!


Quiet Dreams says:

Here’s to more money, all that other stuff, more sleep, more time–all of which may lead to an increased libido.

I REALLY thought you were going to say that the “Can Daddy have some time?” was referring to your boobs–that he was wanting in on the breast action (to play, not feed). In light of THAT bit of inappropriate imagining, doesn’t what he said sound better?

rosesdaughter says:

Dont you just love those sweet smiles>

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