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{January 25, 2010}   Well, remember

that plantar’s wart I was telling you about? Well, I went to the podiatrist last Monday. That man is not right. He asked me about the baby, since the last time he saw me I had swallowed a watermelon seed, and then asked if I was nursing. “Everybody’s nursing these days! My DIL was hooked up to that milking contraption the other night! It’s like they’re a bunch of cows! Muurrrrrrrrm!” I couldn’t help but giggle. He told me that I’m the exception to the rule. Normally, when women get pregnant, the hormones kill the warts. Yeah, not me. Mine proliferate. *sigh* He said that if this didn’t take care of them, we’d have to go in for some anesthesia and do it in the OR. Well, ok, I guess. I’m just tired of them.


Kristin says:

OMG, he sounds like a complete hoot. Too funny.

And, good luck on that job in the surgery center.

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