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{February 7, 2010}   I succumbed.

I did it. I consulted Dr. Google. My offspring hasn’t pooped in 24 hours. I got concerned, and (not wanting to be the crazy nurse so-everything-is-blown-out-of-proportion mother) I looked it up on Google instead of calling the pediatrician. Come to find out, this is somewhat normal for his age. Course, then they went on to say that crying while grunting and straining may indicate constipation. He’s been doing that. So…is it normal, or is it the real thing? *sigh* And so I become the crazy nurse so-everything-is-blown-out-of-proportion mother. Dr. Google told me to mix 1 tsp of Karo Syrup with 4 oz of water (Distilled, not tap. So I boiled it.) and that should take care of things. How soon? Just wondering when I should get out the drop cloth, you know. I decided to give him the syrup and water just as a precaution. I’ll let you know how it comes out. *snicker* Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’m currently watching Spaceballs, so my considerable store of toilet humor is making a bid for freedom. When he was crying, I decided we were suffering from “Fletch-ulence”. I know. I need therapy.

Kristin says:

Love the pics in the last post. He is beautiful.

Hope your munchkin feels better soon.

rosesdaughter says:

Did he poop?????

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